List of All Spectranet Data Plans 2019

spectranet data plans

Spectranet is one of the best ways to use the internet in Nigeria. The data plans of Spectranet in 2019 are so cheap if you are a heavy internet user. Spectranet is advisable and more useful to Nigerians who make use of the internet so much.

It could either be those who make money online such as bloggers, online affiliate marketers or forex traders or those who use the internet to stream movies, watch YouTube or heavy online gaming users.

Whichever category you fall into as a Nigerian, if you have the money to afford a continuous monthly subscription to Spectranet, it is highly advisable.

All Spectranet Data Plans in 2019

There are mainly two Spectranet data plans and they are:

  • Monthly Unified Data Plans
  • Revised Monthly Tariff Data Plans

Monthly Unified Data Plans

The monthly unified data plans for Spectranet 4G LTE are:

4GB- N3,000

7GB- N5,000

15GB- N7,000

20GB- N7,500 (From 7am- 7pm)

25GB- 10,000 (Plus Free Night Surf)

40GB- N11,000 (From 7am- 7pm)

40GB- N12,500 (Plus Free Night Surf)

50GB- N13,000 (Plus Free Night Surf)

55GB- N20,000 (Plus Free Night Surf)

110GB- N40,000 (Plus Free Night Surf)

200GB- N70,000 (Plus Free Night Surf)

Unlimited Gold- N80,000

P.S: The Spectranet Unlimited Gold data plan is only available to customers in Ibadan and Lagos only while the Unified Stay Connected (N13,000 for 50GB) is available for customers only in Abuja.

Monthly Revised Tariff Data Plans

Monthly revised tariff data plans for Spectranet are as follows:

  • 20GB- N10,000
  • 25GB- N12,000
  • 30GB- N15,000
  • 40GB- N18,000
  • 50GB- N20,000
  • 70GB- N28,000
  • 120GB- N48,000
  • 20GB- N7,500 (6pm – 8am)
  • 40GB- N12,000 (6pm – 8am)
  • 55GB- N14,000 (5pm – 9am)
  • 40GB- N8,000 (10pm – 8am)
  • 50GB- N10,000 (10pm – 8am)

How to Subscribe for Spectranet Data Plans in Nigeria

There are different ways and methods you can subscribe for Spectranet 4G LTE data plans.

They include:

1. Paying and subscribing at Spectranet store. There are mobile stores whereby you can pay in person.

2. You can subscribe through recharge vouchers. These recharge vouchers can be purchased from channel partners.

3. Bank transfer is another option. You can select this option in order to subscribe to any Spectranet data plan of your choice. You can visit here and get the list of bank accounts you can send money to.

4. The last option which you can use in order to subscribe is paying online. All you have to do is log in to your Self-care with your username and password. The other online method is paying through Quickteller.

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