Awo Oooo

Yourbas were proud because of Awo Oooo We had a cocoa house because of Awo Oooo Agriculture was at its peak because of Awo Oooo We were happier because of Awo Oooo Education was free because of Awo Oooo Most today elites are elites because of Awo Oooo Yorubas are more literates because of Awo […]

Mandela! Mandela!! Mandela!!!

Oh Mandela Oh Mandela Mandela Oh Mandela Mandela Mandela A giant like Mandela None like Mandela Humans can be Mandela We don’t strive to be Mandela We want to be like Mandela Oh Mandela Oh Mandela Mandela Oh Mandela Mandela Mandela A man called Madiba That is Mandela A man from South Africa That is […]

Soldiers of Somewhere

They fight for us Are they remembered? Up North, it is Upside down Such a tragedy May God help us all May God be with us all May God protect Nigerian soldiers They are soldiers somewhere From a home somewhere We love you This poem is to appreciate the Nigerian soldiers fighting for Nigeria up […]

Our Hypocritical Leaders

They are called leaders And we are followers They hate progress And we love progress Nigeria and bad luck! Oh what a shame! Our hypocritical leaders! Stop it! You will reap it! They care about their laundry More than the mass misery We don’t bother them Until an election year These are our leaders Yes! […]

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