Ishiba Grant, Development and Empowerment NGO (2019)

Ishiba is what is on the lips of many. One question they keep asking is that is ishiba real? In this post, we will tackle everything about the 2019 Ishiba development grant.


What is Ishiba About?

The Ishiba development scheme is all about reformation (a positive one). Ishiba is here to provide solutions to the Nigerian economy which is in a sorry state.

Ishiba is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) that has been duly registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). It took Evang. Elizabeth Praise 10 years before registering it with the CAC in 2016.

Is Ishiba Real or Fake?

Ishiba grants is very much real and not fake. This is not a ponzi scheme as many perceive it to be. It is 100% guaranteed real. The date of disbursement of funds isn’t fixed, thus no one knows Ishiba payments date. One thing is sure, Ishiba grants is paying and empowering Nigerians.

How to Register and Become a Member of Ishiba

Registering and becoming a member of the Ishiba Scheme is quite easy.

You will be needing about #2000 in total for everything.

A membership form is going for 500 naira. Certificate costs 1000 naira and another 500 naira for general logistics.

You would need to contact your state coordinator. This is in order to pick a from and register. Activating your profile will be in a day.

Registering online is also an option. There is only one con of the online registration. Activating your profile online is slower. Using a coordinator is better.

– Click here.

– Go to the register menu and click on sign up.

– The next step involves filling in your necessary details and submitting it.

– You will need to confirm your email. Go to your email account and verify it. The email contains steps on how to make payments.

– After paying, in order to become a member, you will need to send proof of payments.

– Send it to You will get a reply in the next 24 hours to 3 days. All you have to do is keep checking your mail for any reply.

– Once you get a successful reply, your profile will be activated.

Ishiba State Coordinators

Almost every state has a coordinator. All you have to do is make contact in your state coordinator.

Click here to contact Ishiba Coordinators.

How to Contact Ishiba

National Address

Plot 6 Sauka extension kuje FCT Abuja.

Helpline: +234-70328-70953.


Regional Address

No 234, Enugu Road, near Fem-park Junction,

Ugwunkwo Nsukka, Enugu State.

helpline: +234-70328-70953


South African Address

7th Floor corner House, 77 Commissioner Street, Johannesburg, Gauteng, 2001.

Contact: +27110215026

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