HP Laptops Prices in Nigeria 2019

Do you need the list of HP laptop prices in Nigeria? Well, we have compiled a full list for you.

HP laptops in Nigeria

HP laptops are the most common brand of laptop manufacturers in Nigeria currently. This is a position they have held for over a decade now. It is not surprising that these laptops has made lots of people millionaires just by selling them.

With so many HP laptop brands out there, it has become an uphill task to find the ones that best suit you. You would need to research on their specs and features. Another thing you need to check is their price. The price determines if you can buy it or not.

Why You Go With HP Laptops

I am not here to change your mind about any brand if you are already determined to patronise the brand by buying their products but these are reasons you should go with HP.

Battery Life:

HP laptops do have strong batteries. Their batteries are durable and they have a very long life span. They don’t get spoilt easily. This might be one reason you should choose HP laptops.


They are one of the most affordable brand of laptops in Nigeria. They come with great specs that other brands price higher than HP laptops.


In Nigeria, when you look around all you see is HP unlike the United States whereby Mac laptops are more dominant. It makes it more easy to repair because it is already common. This is one of the advantages of HP being the most popular brand of laptop in the country.

List of HP Laptops Prices in Nigeria (2019)

Since, Jumia remains one of the top online shopping malls in Nigeria, we would make use of their prices for some HP Laptops.

HP laptops

Here is the list below,

You can check for other HP laptops and their prices here


Updated: February 19, 2019 — 4:42 pm

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