Highest Paying Oil Companies in Nigeria 2019

Oil companies in nigeria

When it comes to Oil in Nigeria, it means money. Thus, we have decided to draw out the list of the highest paying oil companies in Nigeria 2019.

It is very much true that things are not as rosy as it once was under Goodluck Jonathan’s administration in the oil and gas industry but that doesn’t change the fact the oil and gas industry is the still the highest paying sector in Nigeria.

You can apply to some of these oil companies if your field is related to oil and gas. Luckily, you might be picked and start earning lots of naira or dollars.

List of Highest Paying Oil Companies in Nigeria 2019

Here are the top 6 highest paying oil companies in Nigeria as at 2019.

1. Total:

Everyone is familiar with Total but here we are talking about Total Upstream. At Total Upstream, new entry workers are paid well. They are paid about 2 million naira per month.

2. ExxonMobil & Chevron:

These two oil Upstream companies both come in at second place. They are very similar and they are both American companies. They pay fresh recruits, graduates or new entrants 1.8 million naira per month.

3. Shell:

Shell is one of the companies in the oil and gas sector that pay well. They come in at third place. Shell pays its new workers close to 1.6 million naira per month.

4. AGIP:

This is another foreign oil company on the list. This is an Italian company that pays new entrants well. Fresh workers earn 1.5 million naira per month. Thus, 18 million naira per annum.


This is a multi national company that pays well. This is a Chinese company and it remains the only Chinese company on the list. New entrants earn about 1.3 million naira per month.

6. Seplat:

This is the only Nigerian indigenous company that made it to the list. Seplat is another company that pays her new staffs well. They are made 1 million naira per month.

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