List of Cheapest Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria

Cheapest shopping sites in Nigeria

E-commerce is an online business that is booming in Nigeria. We have hundreds of shopping sites that are being put up every day in Nigeria. How then do we know which of them is the cheapest shopping site in Nigeria? Don’t worry Pada got it covered for you!

Cheapest Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria

1. Jiji:

Contrary to many people’s opinion that Jumia is the cheapest site to buy things online in Nigeria, it is not so. Jiji is actually the cheapest. It is a free classified ads website. People are placing ads on these site for free. These ads are always getting to the target market. For instance, you can find some of the cheapest to tokunbo cars in Nigeria listed on Jiji. It is not only cars but other items too.

2. Jumia:

Now we can mention big brother Jumia and add it to our list. Jumia has grown to become one of the biggest E-commerce websites in Nigeria. Jumia has a very nice policy. Buying more things will give you a discount on many items.

3. Kara: is one of the fastest growing E-commerce websites and it is a top contender in its niche. They are mainly into the sale of tech related products such as phones, laptops and other gadgets.

Cheapest shopping sites

4. SLOT:

Not so many people do know that Slot has been around for more than two decades. Although, their presence on online is less than a decade. Slot deals with the sale of mainly laptops and phones just like Kara

5. Konga:

Konga is the only store in Nigeria rivaling Jumia. It was purchased by Yudala, another online shopping mall some years back after Konga was experiencing troubles. Konga still remains one of the biggest online shopping malls. You can but different things ranging from toys, clothing and so many others.

6. Ajebomarket:

This online shopping mall is relatively new although it has been in existence for quite some times. Ajebomarket is already proving to be up to standard. Although, they mostly deal with clothings.

7. Dealdey:

Dealdey is all about awoof and discounts. Their discount rate is really high and most people will actually enjoy making use of Dealdey.

8. Supermart:

Coming in as 8th is Supermart. What are you looking for? You would certainly find it on Supermart. Even items such as foodstuffs (even frozen food items). There are over 50,000 items listed on the shopping and e-commerce site.

9. 3C Hub:

Just like Slot, 3C Hub was formerly offline before it went online. They also deal with electronic and tech gadgets. They would deliver any item ordered for to your doorstep.

10. An Online Shopping Mall By Pada Media:

There are plans underway by Pada Media to launch an e-commerce website. There would be so many items you can order from. It would be launching very soon.

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