10 Untapped Business Ideas in Nigeria

Business ideas in Nigeria
Untapped business in Nigeria: There are different untapped business ideas in Nigeria this 2018 that you can make money from and I will be writing on these business ideas after which you choose the most suitable for yourself which is your own personal and best untapped business in Nigeria.

If you are looking for ways on how you can make money online in Nigeria, you can my post on that here.

How to Choose the Best Untapped Business in Nigeria

How do you know which of these untapped business ideas is the best for you? I will write some tips on choosing and identifying which untapped business in Nigeria is the most suitable for you.

These tips include:

• Talent

• Passion

• Skills

I call these tips TPS (Talent, Passion and Skills)


To be able to choose what your ideal untapped business in Nigeria out of the list, you would need to discover what your talent is. Connect your talent to that business idea. Doing something in line with your talent. I have the talent of talking to people. I am a bit shy and thus, I am blogging and it is paying off for me.


Don’t tell me you want to survive in a business you don’t have a passion for. If you do, you are only wasting your precious time. You need the fire to lush you through the ups and downs in the business you are into. That fire is your passion.


In virtually all businesses, you need skills to successfully thrive in it. You can always acquire skills through skill acquisition programmes. If you do not want to partake in these programmes, what you can do as an alternative is to work on your skills and improve.

List of 10 Untapped Business in Nigeria

Here are 10 most lucrative and untapped business ideas in Nigeria:

• Drop shipping

• Poultry Farming Business

• Online Tutorials

• Sale of course materials

• Web Development

• Mobile App Developer

• Digital Marketing

• Crypto Currency

• Programmer

• Vlogging

Drop shipping:

This is one untapped business in Nigeria you should try out. Drop shipping in Nigeria these days is gaining more and more momentum and attention. It requires just little capital to begin. The whole basic idea of drop shipping is that you serve as a middle man between a seller and the buyer. It involves a buyer contacting you when they need a product. They pay you and you get in touch with your supplier or the seller and ship the product to your client.

Poultry Farming Business:

You can search on Google to know more about Poultry farming. Poultry farming is actually an untapped business in Nigeria waiting to explode. It requires a lot of capital to start but do note that you can always start from somewhere and become the best.

Online Tutorials:

You can start your own online tutorials and teach people. There are so many students out there that are willing to pay extra for more knowledge in a field of study. You can leverage on that and make cool money. This is another untapped business in Nigeria.

Sale of course materials:

This is one of the ten untapped business ideas in Nigeria that is restricted. Restricted in the sense that it is only for Students. If you are a student (200L and above) you can simply compile your previous notes and then turn them into materials and sell them off. You would make good cash off it.

Web Development:

Following my TPS mentioned earlier above, it is the skills that are really important. Being a web developer is fast gaining more and more attention amongst Nigerian youths most especially those that are tech savy.

Mobile App Developer:

Whether big, medium or small. Whatever is the size of your business, every business needs a mobile app. In a time, whereby most people rely on their mobile phone for virtually everything. You can leverage on that and utilize it to promote your business.

Digital Marketing:

There will always be trends. Everyone and every business wants to be a part of every trend. You are influential on the internet, well this is your chance to make money off that huge following. That is just one aspect of digital marketing which is PR. We also have other aspects which include Content Marketing, SEO Marketing Services and so many others. You can do your research more on this to learn what more tips and tricks of Digital Marketing.


Crypto currency has gained attention in Nigeria a lot since last year but Bitcoin fell last year nevertheless we still have more Cryptos that you can invest in. This is surely one of the hottest untapped business ideas in Nigeria.


You must have surely heard of Silicon Valley in the US. We also have Yaba in Lagos also. Programming is an untapped business in Nigeria which I am sure you wouldn’t mind to try out. You need to fall in love with coding to be able to survive in this field.


This is just like Blogging and is an untapped business in Nigeria which millions of naira can be made monthly from it. You can start by signing up here

Let’s discuss in the comment section about the untapped business in Nigeria that you might have chosen or it you do have questions on 10 Untapped Business Ideas in Nigeria

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