About Us

Our core objective is to tailor express customer services that would wow all our unique users through the services we offer to our end customers.

We believe that life should be easy and everyone deserves a treat. That is why at Pada, we are eager with our Team of Riders to undertake all our customer's errands at the snap of the fingers; no matter where the customers are located. Be rest assured; your valuables would be handled the best way possible and delivered right on schedule.

Just at the tap of a button, we would take your orders from anywhere, any day, any time and shipment is delivered to the destination of your choice same day. Our Team of expert riders with indebt knowledge of the road network and mastery of courier & logistics will deliver your orders right in time ultimately at no stress on our esteemed customers.

We are unique and undeterred. Constantly on the heels of time and technology evolving our processes as innovations evolves, all for the comfort of our customers. That is why; we believe that the success of yesterday should be a benchmark for today‟s processes that would define the new realities of tomorrow.

Products & Our services

1. We offer normal delivery services across cities. We are currently operating in Lagos state Nigeria. Expansion to other cities would commence by end of second quarter of year 2022. Once we commence this service, we would announce to the public.

2. We deliver among other things, parcels, mails, specified food items like cakes, electronic gadgets, clothing, household items, stationaries etc.

3. We also offer premium services to our clients. This is a special delivery request that requires express delivery. We have special courier agents or riders that specifically handle all our express transactions.

4. We offer scheduled service – this provides users the opportunity to schedule a pickup in the future. Our AIP handles all scheduled pickups without missing deadlines.

5. We offer Van services for all users in need of moving heavy equipment, futures or other household equipment. For all those moving from old apartment to a new one or interstate relocation, etc.

6. For acceptable parcels and shipments, go to our Terms and Conditions section to find out parcels users are allowed to ship. Also, find out list of prohibited items on our platform.

7. All our services are handled by well-trained delivery agents located in every district across Lagos. Our logistics agents are duly registered and authorized by law to operate. Before we on-board a rider or delivery agent on our platform, we conduct background checks to know who they are. We also conduct comprehensive training to polish our delivery agents especially in the aspect of customer service. We are determined to give our users the best service possibly which is a sure way to make their lives comfortable.


i. Users can schedule a pickup for a future date.

ii. You can Send/receive parcels across Lagos from the comfort of your mobile device using any of our payment options (Cash, wallet or debit card).

iii. The more you use our services, whether as a rider or user, the more you get referral bonus and earn points.

iv. Pada Technologies uses an AI billing system (AIBS) that is convenient and affordable.

v. Anyone can become a partner and earn extra income while we do the job for you. Email us via partners@pada.com.ng

vi. All pickup requests can be tracked live on any smart device. Users also get notifications and see projected pickup or delivery time.

vii. Our customer service representatives are ready and eager to assist our esteemed users via chat.

viii. We also offer express service for special deliveries. Email us via Premiumservice@pada.com.ng

ix. Office extension to Abuja, Port Harcourt, Owerri and Enugu coming soon.