Delivery Service

We offer normal delivery services across cities. We are currently operating in Lagos state Nigeria.Expansion to other cities would commence by end of second quarter of year 2022.Once we commence this service, we would announce to the public.


We deliver

We deliver among other things, parcels, mails, specified food items like cakes, electronic gadgets, clothing, household items, stationaries etc.
We also offer premium services to our clients. This is a special delivery request that requires express delivery. We have special courier agents or riders that specifically handle all our express transactions.


We offer scheduled service – this provides users the opportunity to schedule a pickup in the future. Our AIP handles all scheduled pickups without missing deadlines.


We offer Van services for all users in need of moving heavy equipment, futures or other household equipment. For all those moving from old apartment to a new one or interstate relocation, etc

Parcel Process

For acceptable parcels and shipments, go to our Terms and Conditions section to find out parcels users are allowed to ship. Also, find out list of prohibited items on our platform

Service Process

All our services are handled by well-trained delivery agents located in every district across Lagos. Our logistics agents are duly registered and authorized by law to operate. Before we on-board a rider or delivery agent on our platform, we conduct background checks to know who they are. We also conduct comprehensive training to polish our delivery agents especially in the aspect of customer service. We are determined to give our users the best service possibly which is a sure way to make their lives comfortable.

Meet The Team

Awesome pix PADA Team


Chiaka Echebiri



Chibuzo Echebiri

– Chief Executive Officer


Daniel Ogidi

–Company Secretary.


Arinze Okoh

–Chief Technology Officer


Peter Evumena

–Director, Marketing and Corporate Communications


Emeka K. Echebiri

–Executive Director

Frequently ask Question

Want to ask something from us?

1Where can I find the App

From IOS or Google play store, search for Pada Technologies, download and set up on your smart device.

2Can I place an order without creating profile

A user must create a profile on our mobile App to be able to use our services.

3How can I book a rider

Login to the mobile app, click on home button, select your location, select transaction type, enter deliver address, enter recipient details, enter order details in the pop up, enter payment details and confirm transaction.

4How to change location

Go to home page, click on select enter different location, capture your new location or pick up location.

5How to change phone number

Go to home page – menu – account and settings – profile. Type the new phone number and enter OTP to authentic the new phone number.

6How to generate receipt

go to home page – menu – Previous requests, enter transaction reference code, and click on download receipt.

7How to use promo coupon

Go to home page - Menu – promotions – enter valid promo code, click on activate. Your code will be used during your next order.

8How to rate a rider

Review your rider once order is completed. You can also review by rate and review from Menu – previous rides – rate rider.

9What are the transaction types?

1-Send to one destination – item is picked from user‟s location and sent to one recipient/destination.

2-Send to multiple destinations – items are picked from user‟s location and sent to more than one location. Each item must be clearly described against the corresponding recipient.

3-Round trip – item is intended to be picked up from location A, delivered to location B. In turn, rider picks up another item from location B and redeliver to location A.

4-Multiple pickups – one destination: User selects multiple pick up locations (A, B, C, etc) and then enters the delivery location. Note, only one delivery location is allowed for this transaction type. User is charged an upfront payment for this request.

5-Send/receive by proxy – this is pickup request initiated by user in location A to be picked up from customer in location B and delivered to customer in location C. Note, cash payment is not allowed for this request type. User must have sufficient balance in the wallet to use this request type.

6-Schedule pick-up – this is the type of pick-up that enables user to schedule a future date to pick-up and deliver an item. This feature is limited to wallet payment. For customer to use this service, customer must fund wallet. Also, this transaction type can be used to schedule for a single pick-up and single destination transaction type.

10How to register as a rider

Go to home page – menu – register as a rider to read more about how to become a partner.

11How track an order:

you can track your order on your screen if you have active request. The current location of your rider will be displayed on your screen with estimated delivery time.

12How to share trip

Once you have an active request, long click on the rider, select share trip, and send the hyperlink by email or whatsapp. The recipient can click the hyperlink to view on the web.

13How to share wallet

User can fund a friend‟s wallet by transferring credit from his/her wallet to another person. Go to home page – menu – payment – Fund a friend. Enter amount and recipient phone number and click on share. User‟s balance is deducted from his/her wallet and sent as a token to the recipient's inbox.

14How to load 'Fund a friend token'

User goes to menu – News – inbox and copy the token number. User goes to menu - payment – fund wallet – enter token then click on submit.

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